The End #1
by Anders Nilsen. This was his contribution to the international Ignatz series. It might be the best thing he’s ever done…which is saying a lot. It’s an incredibly sad, fractured story that somehow manages to be abstract and painfully honest at the same time. Another issue was slated to be released, but I heard in an interview that he has no plans to finish it. Considering the subject material (the death of his fiancée), I can’t say I blame him. Link.

“Vicious” by Lou Reed. I’ve had Transformer since high school, but I started listening to this song obsessively last week. I also think a lot about what it would sound like if the Pixies covered it. Listen.

Waltz with Bashir. It may have lost the Oscar, but it certainly wins for “Most Depressing Animated Film I've Ever Seen” (barely edging out Grave of the Fireflies). The animation is occasionally cheap and underwhelming, but the storytelling more than makes up for it. Link.

“Knots” by Pete & the Pirates. I’m not sure I like this band, but even a blind pirate occasionally writes a catchy shanty. Listen.

Everybody Is Beautiful & Who You Want Them To Be When They Sleep by Alex Barry. I bought this zine today at Million Year Picnic. It is strange and absolutely hilarious. I don’t even know where you can get it, but check out his Myspace, anyway. For fans of David Shrigley and Paper Rad (I think it’s better than either). Link.

Coraline in 3-D. I was very disappointed with how boring the cinema parking lot was after seeing this movie. I guess you know something is visually effective when it makes the real world shitty by comparison. Link.

“The Kitten Song” by Steven Wright. This is track 5 on I Still Have A Pony. I just like it because it sounds like a really weird Smog song. Listen.