Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome by Maria Bamford. Third cd of odd quiet joke stories from the woman of three voices. Link.

“Up the Junction” by Squeeze. Dude blew it. Listen.

How To Get Ahead In Advertising. This is Bruce Robinson’s manic follow-up to Withnail & I (which I would also recommend). You will be hard pressed to find a better movie about talking boils. Link.

A Houseguest’s Wish by various. An album comprised entirely of different bands covering the Wire song “Outdoor Miner.” An inspired concept! Link.

Human Giant. Quality sketch show on MTV. Tone down the title sequence, guys. Link.

Rubber Necker 3 by Nick Bertozzi. First thing I’ve read by him. Link.

“Hot N Cold” by Los Colorados. Amazing Ukranian Polka cover of a Katy Perry song. Thanks to Roman for sharing. Listen.

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. I’m sure this guy is going to take a beating. I just want to be on record as having liked the first episode. It didn’t feel toothless in any way. Andy’s back. The running sequence was oddly touching. Ferrell was funny. So help me I even liked the Pearl Jam song. Watch.

Watership Down. Animated movie from the 70s about rabbits. I have no idea how this thing eluded me until now. Link.


Eastbound & Down. This is a show starring the apparently well-liked actor Danny McBride as a burnt-out former pitcher who is forced to move back to his hometown and teach gym. Terrible premise. That sounds like the sort of movie someone would invent in thirty seconds to make fun of Billy Bob Thornton. HOWEVER…after all six episodes I am upgrading this show’s status from “pretty shaky” to “worth watching.” I will call it a comeback if I want to. Link.


Simon said...

I love Squeeze but my all time favourite would probably have to be Labelled with love. It's a stupendously good track.

Btw, have you read the book of Watership Down recently? A lot deeper than you'd expect.

Anonymous said...

your blog rules

JeremyAFinch said...

"Withnail and I" is one of my favorite movies ever. I'll definitely try to check out "Advertising..."

DS said...

lol, brilliant dude. great links, great commentary, great stuff, peace

robert sergel said...

Simon: I will check that song out. I got a few records recently and I only really like the jangly stuff.

anon: thanks.

jer: Yeah...it made me want to rewatch W & I, actually.

ds: glad you're reading, durv. we should go see a movie sometime soon!