Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli. Kinda gross fictional names notwithstanding, this is an excellent book. Link.

Fitzcarraldo. “Don’t let Kinski make you insane.” Wise words. Thanks to Dave for the birthday box set. Link.

Sugarcube by Sam Gaskin. Engrossing mini about diabetes. Dude’s a talent. Link.

Breakfast of Champions. A daily rock show on WMBR that I listen to when I draw. It broadcasts in Cambridge, but that shouldn’t matter. Link.

Intelligence. More lo-fi gold from the fine folks at In the Red. Listen.

Abner Jay. “If you know what’s happenin, meet me under the clothes lines. That’s where I hang out.” Link.

My Weakness is Strong by Patton Oswalt. The cover is by Ivan Brunetti, so you know it’s tasteful. Link.

Upright Citizens Brigade. Currently rewatching. Hard to do sketch much better. Link.

Woman in the Dunes. Stunningly photographed Japanese film about a bug enthusiast who hates sand. Link.

Moon. Excellent movie, but I think they should rename it Multiplicity 2: Space Slaves. Link.

Take Five. Damn fine candy bar. Link.


Tymmi said...

Hey! I was listening to Abner Jay just today. "One Man Band" is a fantastic record. By turns solemn, funny, profound, profane, spiteful and self deprecating. Easily one of my top five records, I try to push it off on anyone who I think will listen.

robert sergel said...

very well said. do you have "true story of abner jay." that's the first one i heard. it has less of the joke-telling, but includes two full band songs (presumably recorded before the one man band stuff) that add some really interesting context.

Tymmi said...

No I don't. I have One Man Band and The Back bone of America is a Mule and Cotton. Good stuff there too, but more standard fare. I've heard some of his full band stuff on a Smithsonian compilation or something.
I'll have to keep my eye out for True Story. Abner Jay's hard to come by in my neck of the woods, though...

Anonymous said...

Take Five is an even better song, if you can believe that.