JeremyAFinch said...

1. Did they forget to leave out the last 4 digits for Cambridge 5-0? And are the mispellings intenshional or by axeuhdent?
2. Cool bleeding colors.
3. Found object, right?

Tymmi said...

I KNOW that guy!

dearohdear said...


JeremyAFinch said...

Maybe they are looking for one of these guys?

robert sergel said...

jer: this was found, yeah. i took the number off because i felt weird posting a phone number. and i actually thought it was one of those guys from the comic at first. the name sounded familiar but i couldn't find the guy on the registry.

tymmi: i hope you are kidding. if not, i hope he didn't inflict any harm on your bottly.

dear: thanks.