The Diving Bell & The Butterfly.
Beautifully shot and executed movie about Locked-in Syndrome (AKA The-Worst-Thing-That-Could-Possibly-Happen-To-Anyone Syndrome). Link.

Dig!. Documentary about Brian Jonestown Massacre and their complex relationship with the Dandy Warhols. For fans of neo-psychedelia and self-sabotage. Link.

Swirlies’ Magic Strop by The Swirlies. Free live recordings from Cambridge’s greatest ‘gazers. Their records are all available to grab as well. It should be noted that the site is band run, lest I be accused of stealin’. Download.

Overnight. Watch in delight as the self-absorbed meathead responsible for The Boondock Saints pisses away his good fortune. Combine with Dig! for the ultimate implosion-themed double bill. Link.

Surf City by Surf City. Compulsively replayed E.P. from N.Z. Listen.

by Ken Dahl.
Everything you ever wanted to know about herpes but were afraid to ask. Link.

Fishtank. I’m not sure there are any movies about sexually-confused English teenagers that I don’t love. Link.

Grass Widow by Grass Widow. Awesome all-girl indie pop band from the Bay area. Listen.

Important Comics by Dina Kelberman. Well-designed, hilarious and singular color comics from Baltimore. Link.

Visioneers. Well-executed dystopic satire starring Zach Galifianakis. Link.


DS said...

love visioneers! all good stuff!

robert sergel said...

you know who's great in visioneers is the guy from the wedding singer. i wish he were in more stuff.