Spit In The Face Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool by The Beets. Some echoe-y songs about the devil and making yourself throw up. Bonus points for what I assume is a reference to “Doug.” Sadly they don’t cover Killer Tofu. Link.

Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt. I rented this because I really liked Wendy and Lucy. It’s similar to that movie in that it’s minimally plotted, beautifully photographed and way more engrossing than the story has any right to be. Link.

S/T by Smith Westerns. Very catchy lo-fi glam. My only complaint is that sometimes they sound a little TOO much like T-Rex. Link.

The Cruise by Bennett Miller. Character study of an eccentric NYC tour guide named Speed Levitch. Inspiring dude, in his crazy way. Link.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Re-read in memoriam. Anything from sixty years ago that’s still funny is super impressive.

Patton Oswalt at the Wilbur Theatre. The Wilbur is a historic theater in downtown Boston that used to primarily put on plays. I think one time I saw Marisa Tomei and Quentin Tarantino (back when he thought he could act) do a terrible version of Wait Until Dark there. Anyway...it got bought recently by a comedy club and it's a great venue for stand-up.

Deep Water
by Louise Osmond/Jerry Rothwell.
Documentary about a 1968 yacht race around the world that ends really badly. Amazing story. Link.

Corn Nuts by Planters. Can’t believe I didn’t know about corn nuts. If I go into a store now and they have Corn Nuts, I’m instantaneously friends with everyone working there. Link.


DS said...

i've seen old joy and the cruise. speed levitch is also in waking life, he's a pretty funny guy. isn't that movie in black and white?

i thought old joy was ok. that director recently came out with another movie that i think i have but still need to watch.

i mostly remember old joy being kind of awkward with two guys in personal hot tubs in oregon. something like that?

and one of the dudes is smoking all the time.

good stuff! i still gotta watch deep water