Young Lions by Blaise Larmee. I’ve been internet acquaintances with Blaise for a few years now and I’ve tried to keep tabs on his output, as it is frequently interesting (in spite of its scarcity). Young Lions is his first graphic novel (funded by a Xeric grant) and the artwork is unsurprisingly jaw-dropping. The storytelling style is impressionistic, disjointed and at times evasive, but it seems generally to be about listless, ineffectual young people who adopt conceptual art as a kind of religion. This serves to imbue their trivial wanderings and indiscretions with a mystical significance, all of which are overseen by an omniscient Yoko Ono. It’s a very interesting book. Highly recommended. Link.

Cache by Michael Haneke. I’ve been working my way through the Haneke oeuvre the past few weeks. They’re all incredible but this is the best of the lot, probably due to its accessibility. Link.

Record Hospital by WHRB. Excellent late night radio show on the Harvard University Station. Link.

The Room by Tommy Wiseau. I sort of stumbled into seeing this movie not realizing what an odd cult following it has. It’s a pretty singular viewing experience. Link.

Season 5 of Awesome Show by Tim & Eric. Particularly enjoyed the cameo by the dude who played Bunk on The Wire. Link.

Glance by Jessica Williams. Tabloid-sized collection of photos my friend Jessica sent me. It’s great and people should check out her stuff. Link.

The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema by Sophie Fiennes. A creatively-staged cinema studies course with the dynamic Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Jumping from classic scene to classic scene, he interprets the psychological and philosophical meanings behind each one, ultimately broadening his scope to include the complex relationship between film and reality. Link.

Nichols Candies. Totally awesome candy store in Gloucester. Seems to exclusively employ old ladies. The peanut brittle was first rate, as were the malted milk balls. Couldn't afford the chocolate Last Supper. Link.


DS said...

good stuff. cache is a cool movie.

i've heard zizek called "a celebrity intellectual". do you buy that? also, where'd you see that movie?

peace, d

robert sergel said...

i guess i buy that, although i don't know how "famous" he is in the grand scheme of things. he's definitely accessible in a way that's unique to his field of expertise.

i watched it on netflix. it's streaming there (or was a few weeks ago).