Public Strain
by Women.
Favorite record of 2010. I'm also fortunate I got to see them live before they imploded.

Dogtooth by Giorgos Lanthimos. Glad to see incestuous psycho-drama back in the hands of its progenitors. Sophocles would be proud. Link.

Crickets #3 by Sammy Harkham. Next level stuff.

Bob's Burgers. Huge fan of everyone involved in this show. Home Movies is one of the all time greats. The final product is maybe a bit less than the sum of its talent, but it's still funny and it'll only get better (assuming it's not replaced with a Quagmire spin-off or something). Link.

Year of Panic by Hanoi Janes. Spastic bedroom pop from Germany. Achtung!

Parks & Recreation. Better than The Office. Not even close anymore. Link.

Bob Slate. Awesome local stationary/office supply store that's closing after 80 years. Just wanted to publicly pay my respects. Link.