Dinosaur Jr Live at the Paradise. The reformed pride of Amherst playing Bug in its entirety, book-ended by a few additional crowd-pleasers (In a Jar, The Wagon, Out There, and The Lung). The on-stage interview by (a surprisingly-svelte) Henry Rollins was a welcome bonus, however hyperbolic his promise of earth-shattering dBs wound up being. Link.

Game of Thrones. With the notable exception of the video game Oblivion, I've never had much of an interest in fantasy as a genre in any medium. Nothing against it, per se, it's just never really appealed to me. That being said, this show is pretty awesome, and I would encourage people to drop whatever misgivings or aversions they may have to this sort of thing and check it out, because it's engaging and well-made and worth being nerdy about. Link.

Paying For It by Chester Brown. This is a comic memoir about Chester's experiences paying for sex. You can approach it as a thought-provoking treatise on moral preconceptions or as a skeevy, voyeuristic curiosity. I think it works on any level you choose to engage it on. Link.

Common Era by Belong. For fans of fuzzy, droning, reverb-drenched pop with unintelligible vocals. You know who you are. Link.

Ben & Lauren's Wedding. My amazing friends Ben and Lauren got married on Cape Cod this past weekend. They're totally great, wonderfully compatible people, and I couldn't be happier for them.